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10 Tiny Home Interior Ideas to Help Complete Your Space


When going tiny, you will be opting for a smaller space, but there are endless possibilities for your tiny home interior. Tiny home interiors vary depending on the dweller’s lifestyle, whether you’re living in Austin, TX, Portland, OR, or anywhere in between.

Tiny Houses Are Taking Over: A Look at the Pros and Cons


Anyone who’s considering the radical downsizing that goes with tiny home living already knows the obvious benefits and drawbacks. The following is a deeper dive into the benefits and drawbacks of tiny houses, the market for their construction and the laws that govern them.

Guide Offers Details on Building Tiny House Rentals

The Champion

Tiny house enthusiasts interested in becoming property investors have a new resource, thanks to the founder of Golley Houses. Frank Golley has published the Golley Houses Tiny House Rental Property Guide to help newcomers navigate the tiny house and rental marketplace and get them started on their own projects.

Golley Houses Featured By Tiny House Talk

Tiny House Talk

Tall Tiny House With Spacious Loft, Built With SIPs. Looking for a way to add an alternative dwelling unity (ADU) to your property? The Golley House is a great choice! This 10×16 home comes flat-packed with SIP panels and you can finish the exterior and interior however you’d like. 

Lumber and steel prices too high? SIPS might be the answer.

Tiny House Blog

The buzz around building these days is not the buildings, but the cost of materials. Because of the pandemic and renewed interest in remodeling and new construction, the demand for lumber has gone through the proverbial roof.

Tiny Classrooms Gives Kids Space to Work

Woodshop News

Tiny house startup, Golley Houses, is on a mission to help families build ‘affordable’ backyard classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has designed an affordable tiny house flat-pack kit that can be used as a backyard classroom for families struggling to find space for homeschooling and remote learning.

One-room schoolhouses may be set for a comeback

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Small communities across the United States 100 years ago often included a structure now rarely seen other than in Norman Rockwell paintings—the one-room schoolhouse. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this often-beloved bit of Americana may make a comeback.

Start-up company builds tiny houses that can be add-ons to existing houses

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Frank Golley, founder and designer of Golley Houses, combines his background in industrial design and experience in real estate to launch a Decatur-based business that taps into an emerging lifestyle trend—tiny houses.

Is coronavirus driving Atlanta tiny home sales?

Curbed Atlanta

As Atlantans with large families or several roommates continue to adjust to the state’s “shelter in place” order by working from home, they may naturally find themselves longing for the peace and quiet of their regular offices.

Tiny House News Releases 

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The Golley Tiny House Flat-Pack Kit Provides Homeowners with Affordable Expansion Alternatives Without the Expense and Hassle of Renovating

Decatur, GA (March 11, 2020) – The tiny house movement, a lifestyle of living in less than 400 square feet, offers people affordable housing options, but not everyone who owns a tiny house is downsizing. In fact, the Golley tiny house flat-pack kit provides homeowners with additional living space, not less. While Golley Houses are designed for tiny house living, they are also suited for homeowners who want additional work or play space without the expense and hassle of moving or renovating. 

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Tiny Houses Come to the Rescue as Backyard Classrooms for Homeschooling and Remote Learning During COVID-19

Decatur, GA (July, 31, 2020) – Golley Houses has designed an affordable tiny house that can be used as a backyard classroom for families struggling to find space for homeschooling and remote learning during COVID-19. As back-to-school approaches, a growing number of schools are moving to remote learning only. There is also an increasing number of parents opting to homeschool their children during the pandemic. Complicating matters is the rise in the number of adults already working from home. Working parents are also organizing co-ops with nearby families and hiring their own teachers to educate small groups of children, but need enough space for children to meet. As a result, many families are scrambling to prepare at-home learning environments for children.

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Golley Houses Introduces a Tiny House Flat Pack Kit with Modular “Ring” Design

Decatur, GA (September 2, 2020) – Golley Houses, the manufacturer of modular, environmentally friendly tiny house flat-pack kits, is providing an alternative to traditional stick framing construction with its modular “ring” design. The basic Golley tiny house flat-pack kit is built from four “rings” each made up of five panels, plus panels for the end walls, totaling 30 ring-shaped structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIPs are one of the most airtight, green and well-insulated building systems available.

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Golley Houses Introduces Tiny House Loft with 8 Feet of Real Stand-up Headroom 

Decatur, GA (January 25, 2021) – Golley Houses, the manufacturer of modular, environmentally friendly tiny house flat-pack kits, is offering tiny house enthusiasts design options that provide 8 feet of stand-up headroom in the loft. “One of the biggest complaints of tiny houses is the lack of headroom in the loft space. People often love the idea of a tiny house until they realize they have to crawl out of bed on their knees,” said Frank Golley, founder and designer of Golley Houses. “We wanted to provide tiny house homeowners and rental property managers with real stand-up headroom even for adults who are six-feet plus.”

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